2014 Calendar of Events

City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy
Dates for 2014
22-Mar-14 Bucket Collection St James Park Newcastle v Crystal Palace – NEW DATE! St James Park
28-Mar-14 Men’s & Women’s Artistic British Championships 2014 Liverpool
06-Apr-14 General – Floor and Vault 1 Gateshead Metro
06-Apr-14 Women’s Regional Club Grades 14 to 9 CNGA
9/12-Apr-14 John Pirrie at CNGA CNGA
13-Apr-14 General – Floor and Vault 2 Hartlepool GC
03-May-14 Tesco Bag Pack North Shields
03-May-14 Women’s Artistic National Compulsory Level 4 & 3 2014 Birmingham
17-May-14 Women’s Artistic National Club Grades 8,7,6,5 Birmingham
24-May-14 Team Gym British Championships 2014 Stoke on Trent
28/31-May-14 John Pirrie at CNGA CNGA
31-May-14 Women’s Artistic Compulsory Level 2 & 1 2014 Ipswich
08-Jun-14 Women’s Regional Novice and Intermediate Championships CNGA
15-Jun-14 TeamGym Newcastle Open 2 CNGA
21-Jun-14 Women’s Artistic Challenge Cup 2014 Guildford
22-Jun-14 Women’s Level 2 Assessment CNGA
27/29-Jun-14 John Pirrie at CNGA CNGA
29-Jun-14 General – Apparatus 1 South Durham
06-Jul-14 General – Apparatus 2 South Durham
24-Jul-14 Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 Glasgow
18/20-Jul-14 John Pirrie at CNGA CNGA
28-Jul/3-Aug-14 Gym Summer Close Down CNGA
18/22-Aug-14 John Pirrie at CNGA CNGA
06-Sep-14 Women’s Artistic British Team Champ. and Reg. Apparatus Finals 2014 Stoke on Trent
Sep-14 Men’s London Open Europa
13-Sep-14 Women’s Artistic Bill Slater Club Teams 2014 Stoke on Trent
21-Sep-14 Women’s Regional Voluntary Age Groups (in and out of age) South Durham
11/12-Oct-14 Pink Ladies South Durham
24/25/26-Oct-14 Men & Women’s Halloween International CNGA
Oct/Nov General – Partner Challenge (Date to be arranged) Northern Hope
31/1/2-Oct/Nov-14 National Veteran’s & Disabilities Competition CNGA
01-Nov-14 Women’s Artistic National Voluntary Levels 4,3,2 2014 Guildford
7/9-Nov-14 Men’s National Elite & Club Performance Grades Birmingham
16-Nov-14 Women’s Regional Pre Elite and Elite Championships South Durham
22-Nov-14 Men’s Artistic British Team Championships 2014 Leicester
05-Dec-14 Men’s & Women’s Artistic Boys and Espoir British Championships 2014 Glasgow
17/18/19/20-Dec-13 Christmas Displays Rehearsals CNGA
21/22/23-Dec-13 4 Christmas Displays CNGA
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