2016 Calendar of Events

City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy
Dates for 2016
17th-18th Sept 16 WA Espoir, Junior and Senior Challenge Cups TBC
23rd-25th Sept 16 MA London Open Redbridge
25th Sept 16 WA Vol. 2 piece Sth Durham
8th-9th Oct 16 MA & WA Spooky Spectacular CNGA, Newcastle
16th Oct 16 WA Regional Voluntary Levels 5, 4,3 TBC
23rd Oct 16 Northern Voluntary Levels CNGA, Newcastle
23rd Oct 16 WA North Voluntaries CNGA, Newcastle
4th-6th Nov 16 WA National Voluntary Levels 4, 3 & 2 TBC
4th-6th Nov 16 MA National Elite and Club Development Grades Birmingham
6th Nov 16 WA North Voluntary Teams TBC
19th-20th Nov 16 WA Bill Slater British Junior Team Championships Gloucester
27th Nov 16 Northern Voluntary Teams TBC
27th Nov 16 WA Vol. 2 piece Team Competition TBC
2nd-4th Dec 16 WA British Championships Espoir and Apparatus Finals Basildon
2nd-4th Dec 16 MA British Team Championships U12 & U14 TBC
16th Dec 16 Christmas Display CNGA, Newcastle
17th Dec 16 Christmas Display CNGA, Newcastle
18th Dec 16 Christmas Display CNGA, Newcastle
24th Dec 16 Christmas Close Down CNGA, Newcastle
3rd Jan 17 Reopen CNGA, Newcastle

*50% of funds raised by all gymnasts at bag packs and individual gymnasts at the sponsored walk will be allocated directly back to them as a credit for future kit purchases.

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